Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A Little This, A Little That

Because so much is going on all at the same time that I can't think of just one thing to write about.  With the arrival of THE holiday season, key work diminishes...although there is still some...and tuning work increases.  This year seems heavier in that regard.  The only problem is that I seem to be getting the dregs of tuning jobs, that quite possibly, the semi-retiring(?) other island tech doesn't want.  Maybe, maybe not.  And not all of it is lousy.  It's just that the ratio seems tipped that way this month.

I've started reading a new old book.  It's been in this family for 60 years, give or take a few.  I've just never read it.  The title you wonder?  Queen of the Flat Tops, written in 1942 by Stanley Johnston, a journalist aboard the USS Lexington from her exit from Pearl Harbor just days prior to the attack, to her sinking on May 8, 1942 in the Coral Sea Battle.  My dad served aboard the 'Lex'.  His battle station was sky forward.  He was one of the last of her crew to jump into the Coral Sea.  But that's a story for another time.

It's gotten quite cold here and our Rockport ponds are starting to ice over.  'A' and I continue to walk, several times each week, to Mill Pond to feed the multitude of ducks.  Our feeding trip a couple days ago was quite humorous.  Ducks don't ice skate very well!
Ducks on Ice

I'm still involved in trying to straighten out the matter mentioned (or rather not mentioned) several days ago.  Things have settled for a couple weeks.  Long term solutions haven't been addressed or decided or even deemed doable.  It'll take time to work through it all.

So for now I'm working through each day with a list of 'have to do today'.  If I finish the list each day, I feel good.  If I've accomplished a bit more than was even on the list, I'm happy.  I'm trying to set aside at least an hour each day that I can label as fun. 

Sometimes that's as easy as Ducks On Ice.

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scribbs, ducking, said...

Superb photos, as always. I'm particularly taken by the B&W shot....

Can't help thinking someone on your island should start knitting li'l booties for those ducks' feet! That just has to be chilly! And the lack of traction...shameful!