Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Visit to My Boulder

Today I took 'A' on a ride to Annisquam to show her my boulder.  I parked on the main road and we walked up the big hill to see it.  When I took the original photo, I hadn't the time to really look around.  'A' and I walked the area just around my boulder and as we turned to leave, this stunning view greeted us.
Annisquam Lighthouse

Someone picked a good boulder for me!

There is a huge area of trails that eventually lead down to Ipswich Bay.  When we have more time than we did today, and on another good weather day, we plan on doing more exploring.


not-a-crooner scribbs said...

Sorta reminds me of that great tune Sinatra sang...

"From Squam Rock to Ipswich
From Lowell to Danvers
Wherever the four winds blow...."

Yeah, I got nothin'. But it sure is a beautiful picture!

deb said...

*chuckles and shakes head*