Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Good Music

I did some more checking and came up with another two videos to share. I only have two wishes on these. The first being that the focus were better, the second that it just be Evan playing these pieces...he can certainly carry them with no help.


music-critic scribbs said...

Good music indeed!

Good enough that I listened to 8:58 of Even Whitfield using a sequencer/MIDI/drum machine/whatever, which is something that, to me, works against rather than with a performer.

I preferred last night's video for that reason, though it doesn't matter; I'm certainly not the target audience for these videos.

I'd love to hear more of his solo performances!

deb said...

Totally agree. The next time I'm working for him I plan to suggest some improvements be made to the videos. My thoughts are that this was a hopefully attempt at filming. It needs more refinement. They could be really top-notch publicity pieces without too much more.

tin-eared scribbs said...

Yes, the videos are only a short step from being fine promotional pieces, as well as fine entertainment. Hope you can get him to insist on production values that match his talent!