Saturday, January 29, 2011

In the Bleak Midwinter

I find it necessary to just set everything aside once in a while and take some fun, exploring time.

This afternoon we did that.  Not that we hadn't been to this spot before.  But never in winter.  Today we were amused by some form of pheasant.  They crossed the drive in front of our car and lined up at the door like they were waiting for a restaurant to open.  Several peered in the window, but mostly they squawked incessantly.  I don't know if that's because they were darn hungry and were overdue a feeding, or if they were quite perturbed that our car was somewhat blocking their exit from the doorway.  Nevertheless, an amusing flock.

After our visit through New England Biolabs, we took the long route home...oceanside.  Along the coast through Beverly, Pride's Crossing, Manchester, Magnolia and Gloucester.  What wasted the entire afternoon in driving and sightseeing was a needed mid-winter break.


scribbs, un-feathered friend, said...

Now that you mention it, those pheasants do seems to be giving you the hungry eye...or maybe they were waiting for their tour bus?

The first photo is just plain art -- no other word for it.

Annette said...

Love the first photo......brill.
It does look as if the pheasants are waiting to be fed!

Pianomotion said...

Hi Deb,

FYI: those are guinea fowl in your picture. Amusing yes, until they choose to perch in a tree outside your house and squawk en mass at everything that moves... all day... every day... :(


deb said...

Ah haaaaaa! Thanks, MS. Good watch birds, eh.

Hmmmmmm, we have this noisy dog across the street that could use some competition!

scribbs, bird-brain, said...


I wouldn't know a pheasant or guinea fowl if it walked up and shook hands (errrr...wings) with me.

I still think they are some mutant avian life form from a bio-research lab gone amok.