Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1 for every 600

This is the ratio that 'A' heard on the television today.

1 for every 600 attending the inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama, today, in Washington D.C.

They approximate that there were 1.8 million in attendance.

That means that there were approximately 3,000 Port-a-Lets for the inauguration.


Now aside from all of that............

Snow, snow, and more. It was STILL snowing today. Wasn't suppose to, but no one told Mother Nature. Not a lot, thankfully. When did this batch start? Sunday? Enough is enough.

THAT envelope went in the mail today. Held my breath and did it. Don't like it.

A set of keys was delivered yesterday. Big job. No bucks until it's picked up next week, but that's okay. The keys were delivered by a middle man. Same guy brought a set a few months ago, acting as a middle man for a still undisclosed technician. I think I know what's up with that. Can you guess?

Another set of keys arrived via UPS this afternoon, right before some guests arrived for a visit. The guests brought a gift certificate for me as a thank you for some stuff I'd done for them. It was an unexpected BIG treat and a done deal so I couldn't refuse. I'll be finishing off all the woodwork that still needs to be completed on my house - and there will probably be more left on the certificate for some new tools!

I'm working my way, sort of speed reading, through the book for the Music Book Group on Sunday. Thursday, I go for a very much needed haircut. I haven't had it cut for nearly six months...gotta look good for PR Sunday!

May my business do as well as the portable toilet business did today!


Annette said...

Your snowman looks a little drunk, doesn't he!

deb said...

Yeah, hehehe, I'll have to post another pic of him from a different angle! Amazing that he was upright for only about one hour, then began his lopsided pose with the heavy rain. Then it got cold and he froze in position, shifted slightly more towards earth during a very minor warm up, then froze again!

dickiebo said...

Snowman drunk? Or someone else, methinks!

deb said...

Oh pleeeeeeeease.