Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Move

Naw, I'm not moving. We decided to try an experiment in hopes of saving some money this winter. My mom lives adjacent to 'A' and me. Sort of like adjoining rooms in a hotel. Each household has it's own kitchen, baths, bedrooms, living room, etc. I guess it's best described as adjoining apartments. All utilities are separate except water and oil. Those utilities we split down the middle as both apartments are pretty much the same size. However, mom's den, kitchen, dining room and living room all have cathedral ceilings. That's a lot of hot air migrating up there when we'd rather pay for it at 'our' level. So since my mom's bedroom and bath are at the end of the hallway nearest my apartment, we decided to try blocking off the rest of her place. We've turned the heat down to 50°F in the closed off end. Of course that means the heat level for her bed and bath are running from that low thermostat. We're hoping that by leaving the door open from my living quarters some of my heat will migrate and 'subsidize' the heat in her bed and bath.

So mom has moved in with us. For about two and a half months. If it works. And if it saves enough money to be worth the inconvenience.
the blocked hallway

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