Sunday, January 11, 2009

On My Dime

Yes, this is going to be a big rant. Be forewarned.

It snowed again. About 6 inches, which all in all isn't too devastating. It did require me to get out and shovel. 'A' came out and lent a hand. She's so teeny that I feel like she should have a child's shovel. Not so much for the weight of a shovel full, but the control of that shovel. She has very small, delicate hands and wrists and it takes everything she's got to keep the shovel from spilling it's contents. She did clear off both cars, though, and did a small amount of shoveling around them and the back walk.

So that's the good news.

Just before I went out, the little, articulated plow came around. He cleared our back right of way and proceeded to drive up our back neighbor's looooonnnnnngggggg driveway. At the top he stopped to chat with our big, strong, lobsterman neighbor. THEN he lowered the plow and plowed out the neighbors driveway! This is the DPW! They are chatting it up and doing private plowing on MY TAX DOLLARS. And to add to my utter and complete disgust, anger, frustration, and you name it, I discovered that this same guy had plowed up many of the stones edging my driveway! I'm really angry. Can you tell?

I bundled up and headed out in the snow to start the dreaded shoveling. I cleared my steps and walk in plain view of my strong, lobsterman neighbor who, because of my tax dollars at work, no longer had much driveway clearing to do of his own. Instead of working on my drive, I then went out front, and out of sight of the neighbor, to clear my mom's driveway. I was hoping against all odds that chivalry wasn't truly dead and that I would be pleasantly surprised to return and find at least part of my drive shoveled by said neighbor.

Okay, quit laughing.

I did say hoping against all odds.

Of course he'd not done it. But did he have to shovel out around his truck and throw it all over the fence in to our right of way?

One thing that's useful about me being so angry over this is that the shoveling got done rather quickly. Now when thaw comes, I'll have to repair my drive, which will probably include finding half of it strewn about the right of way.

I wish I could file an anonymous complaint with the town. Not about the driveway damage. That was just salt in the wound - accidents happen, but about the blatant abuse of tax dollars.


dickiebo said...

"..blatant abuse of tax dollars.."
Gosh, Deb, that's peanuts compared to our government's wastage of our money. Now WE are experts at it!! lol.

deb said...

Yes, I truly recognize that this is small stuff. But you have to start somewhere! So much is wasted and misused that we can't literally see and that is reflected in the small stuff that we can. So the plow driver wasted probably a fraction of one of my pennies (that I witnessed, but how many more that I haven't seen?) Then there was the State that, in my opinion, illegally kept my tax refund money of $50+ (and how much more unseen?). Now, if they all want to steal from me, fine! But don't cry budget problems, sacrifice, and lack of funding, while continuing to waste and rob.


Net Crimes & Misdemeanors said...

And it's still snowing (up here at least). Grumble, grumble.

deb said...

Yep, woke up to it this morning although I think it has finally stopped within the last few minutes! Of course we're due for more tomorrow night/Wed morning and then a biggie on Thursday.

I hate white.

Must be helping out with $$ for Chris so I guess, as with most things, there is a good side of it.

Annette said...

It's only snowed here once and that went overnight.
Sorry, but I like the snow, I wish it would snow again.

deb said...

Annette, please come and take as much as you'd like! It's pretty to look at for the first couple inches of the season. Then it's a pain to shovel and drive in, and gets uglier by the day as it is dirties with the road sand, etc.

dickiebo said...

Go on! Keep disillusioning poor Annette!

deb said...

Okay, I'll quit griping! New mantra....snow is lovely, snow is lovely...........

dickiebo said...

Sorry,. Deb. You just do NOT sound very convincing!