Sunday, January 18, 2009

Up and Down

I've accomplished a little bit over the past two days. So little that I'm feeling rather draggy. The weather has been shiveringly cold. Bitter. And then today it decided to snow. Once again. Yeah, ma, I sure do believe you. It hardly ever snows in Rockport. Right. I shoveled this morning and then, before it turned to sleet, I decided to build a snowman (he's two-sided, facing both the street and the house).Then the sleet turned to rain and Mr. Snowmanaroundthehouse started a downhill lean. About two hours before 'A' had to leave for work it started to snow once again. More shoveling. Now everything has a nice thick glaze of ice under the new snow. The drive to Gloucester was challenging. Slick. The roads had been plowed but no salt or sand. I was thankful to get back home. Now I've just got to repeat the trip at 8 p.m.

Paperwork. Yesterday I got caught up on the bill paying only to have another one arrive in the mail. I finished filling out the paperwork to mail off to the Department of Transitional Assistance. I hate the thought of putting that envelope in the mail tomorrow. Some of our tax forms have started to arrive. Oh joy, more paperwork. I actually like filling out forms. It's just finding the uninterrupted time to work on them. I do everyone's taxes...three sets. I balanced 'A's checkbook yesterday. She had forgotten to enter two deposits so she ended up with more than four hundred dollars over what she thought. My mom couldn't get her's to balance, so I did it. I don't know what she did wrong - was fine by my calculations.

I painted somewhere over a dozen ivories and started four more. It's cold working down in the cellar. Right now it's only 50°F. My fingers get cold!

And those two dismal news things. Well, one of them is certainly in the process of being resolved. I've decided not to post the pictures unless I okay it with the parties involved. The other will take some time to convince some folks that I have handled the situation.

'A' is in a big time snit. I'm trying to wait it out as discussing anything with her while she's like that is fruitless.

So...that's about all. Now it's back to work. Shoveling, cleaning, and whatever else I can come up with to occupy some time.

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