Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What To Do...

when there's nothing to do. Why blog, of course. I can't find a darn thing on TV that even keeps my interest for a few minutes. I haven't a good book to read at the moment. I finished reading Water for Elephants (sidebar). It was a little raunchy, but considering the subject matter - circus life in the 1930's - I guess some raunch is to be expected. I liked the book. I enjoyed the play, back and forth, between the narrator's present life and his circus life memories. A really cool ending. I've also finished reading Loving Frank, a fictionalized account of the love affair between Frank Lloyd Wright and Mamah Borthwick. More on that another time. I picked up another book for a buck. It sounded good, but not a keeper. Not even a get beyond a few dozen pages. Throw away. Oh, I also read The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Turned out to be a young readers book, so reading it was a bit strange. It was an engaging story with a tragic end. I'll get the movie from the library once it is available on DVD.
'A' and I finished the cat tapestry puzzle. 1000 pieces and about 24 X 30. Sorry about the glare on the puzzle from the window. This was a tough one! We're puzzled out for the moment. In a few weeks maybe we'll pick out another one.

Key work has picked up again so I'm happy. Very happy. Really. I LOVE to work. I feel better, loads better, when I keep busy. I'm working on more ivory jewelry, as well.

Got chatting today with a piano tech friend and the discussion turned to talk about growing up in the 60's and, well of course, the Beatles. I mentioned having visited the Cavern Club, in Liverpool, on and for my 11th birthday. Which just happens to be the same date as Paul McCartney's - June 18. So, here's dad and deb on the stage at the Cavern Club, June 18, 1966. While in Liverpool, I bought the British version of the Rubber Soul album, which I never should have loaned to a high school friend. Never saw it again. So Chris, if you read this, I want my Rubber Soul album back!

I can't figure out the minds of our DPW. Maybe I shouldn't even try! On New Year's Eve we were blasted with about 8 inches of drifting snow and frigid temperatures. The plow came by my back road once. No salt, no sand. I went out and cleared an enormous area behind my truck (and on the road) so that there would be less 'plow-in' when they came back late at night. Certainly they would be back, right? Wrong. New Year's Day I had to shovel out the road that had drifted in waist high! I shoveled and snowblowed, shoveled and snowblowed until there was enough width to get my truck down to the corner of our property and a road that they HAD plowed. My snowblower is a small electric model that will only handle about a six inch snow. Because, like mom promised, "It hardly snows at all in Rockport." Pfft, I DID know better. So today we had a little coating of snow, then some sleet, then a lot of rain. No big deal. They plowed my back road three times! Salted and sanded during the worst of the rain. Huh? It's a hill, it'll all wash away! Now the rain has stopped. A very fine mist is in the air and the temperatures are dropping. The wet porch steps have frozen. The salt and sand truck is nowhere to be seen. Why am I not surprised?

Well, 10 p.m. will be rolling around in just a few. Maybe there will be something of interest on the tube so I'll finish up here and hope. Night, y'all.


Claire said...

heheh! wow, fancy being photographed on the stage at the Cavern - classic! Now if there were a few Beatles in the background too, that would be seriously impressive!

deb said...

Ah yes, if only!