Friday, March 13, 2009

The 400 Club

Well, the title of this post was going to be, Friday Again, Already? But then I looked at the 'dashboard' which told me that I had written 399 entries. So......this is number 400. As an aside, The 400 Club was a dinner/dance spot where my parents and their friends used to go on special occasions. Back in the 60's.

Ah well. The painting has been delivered and tomorrow I'll go to the RAA and have my own little preview. 'A' and I will be going for a walk in town so I'll check it out then. Just to see how it looks before the opening reception.

Mom and I went to Tuck's today to buy my aunt a solid chocolate Easter bunny. We'll be sending it to her as she lives in South Carolina. While in Tuck's, I got asked to start working on Sundays at the Factory (store). My first Sunday will be on March 29th. Met up with a friend/client and she scheduled a tuning.

After our visit to Tuck's, we headed to Gloucester to a photography shop called Double Exposure. This is to have some old color slides made in to 8 X 10s. Ya see, I found out that for the Contributing Member Exhibit I could have one in each category, painting, graphics, and photography. Had I been aware, I could have shown a photo as well as a painting. So...I'm becoming prepared. There are 5 enlargements being made!

We came back home and I got busy finishing the woodwork in the hallway. Finally done. Then I painted a few more earrings - butterflies. Now I have 3 butterflies, 3 sailboats, and 5 with flowers. I also have a pin with a nice nautical scene.

The doctor's reed organ gets reassembled on Monday.

Time flies when you're busy!

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