Monday, March 16, 2009

A Duet of Days

Beginning on Sunday. Mom moved back in to her end of the house! Can you see me jumping up and down with glee!!! I spent Sunday morning undoing the hallway temporary block so that she could move her stuff. I also rearranged some furniture for her and got her TV and phones switched back to where they belong.

Sunday afternoon Mom and I went down to the Rockport Art Association so that she could see the exhibit and grab some goodies to eat at the reception. There were quite a few people even at the start. I should have taken a picture from the back of the gallery so you could have seen more. The picture I took just missed the couple looking at my painting and checking the listing...and talking. This woman showed up after.

After the RAA, we went home and picked up 'A' and headed for Amesbury to the Riverwalk Bead Shop. I needed some supplies. They didn't have what I needed. They never seem to have what I need. I'm not going again. On the way home we stopped at the Gloucester Friendly's to have our dinner. Lousy service. I'm telling you, pretty soon there will be no place for us to go!

This Monday morning I loaded up the parts to the doctor's reed organ. What a pain hauling all the stuff up to his office waiting room. Four trips carrying stuff or hauling it on the two wheel dolly. I got everything put back together (the workings minus the case parts) and tried it out. One reed didn't sound. I cleaned it and cured that problem. One pallet valve was leaking. Big problem. So, I had to take everything apart to get inside to the pallet valve. What a pain. Removed the one pallet and discovered a splinter of wood was trapped on the underside, preventing it from sealing properly. Grrrrrr. I removed the wood splinter and put everything back together - again. All is fine.

I got home to a message that my photo enlargements were ready. 'A' and I headed for Double
Exposure to pick them up. Three out of five looked really good. Here's one of them to end this post.


Annette said...

That picture is beautiful.

deb said...

Thanks Annette. It mesmerizes me! The only difference between the 'real' photo and the one here is that there is a tiny bit of detail visible in the rocks on the 'real' one. I took the photo from our front window when we used to live across from Thacher Island.