Thursday, March 26, 2009

Monday Madness

or...Grandma said the water was fine here!

'A' and I went on errands Monday morning. One stop was at our local Ace Hardware, also known as Smith Lumber. I only needed two items, a couple disposable foam paint brushes and a couple dozen screw 'L's. I knew where the brushes were and grabbed them first. I couldn't find the packages of screw 'L's so I asked an employee that I know.

"Do you have screw 'L's?"


"Screw 'L's. You know, like screw hooks only shaped like an 'L'!"

"Oh!" she exclaimed. "I thought you wanted to screw elves!"


Then a gentleman in the same aisle said he was looking for small nuts.

"You found her."

So we got the brushes and we got the 'L's and we headed for the check out line. Oh my! Picture this...twin ladies, about 75 years old, each decked out in full length raccoon coats and tight knit caps, trying to return a vacuum cleaner that they had purchased some time ago and had decided that they weren't happy with...on their credit card, no store receipt, hauled it in in a laundry/grocery cart which was now blocking the aisle. They wouldn't accept a store credit. The manager was paged...just as Mr. ZZZZ arrived. Last we heard, from friends, Mr. ZZZZ and his daughter had a rather raucous food fight at a local restaurant. Quite honestly, most folks have been trying to avoid them in recent years. No wonder.

Another register opened and 'A' and I headed for it to get checked out. On our drive home we saw 'crutch lady' walking up Main Street. Carrying her crutch per the norm. 'A' turned to me, rolled her eyes, and asked, "What's up with people today?"

"It must be the water around here," I answered.
"Grandma always says the water is soooo good here, straight out of the tap."

Uh huh.


elizabeth down the street said...

What IS up with crutch lady anyway? Have you ever seen her use it?

deb said...

Only to lean on...very occasionally.

I think it may have more to do with collecting a disability check than anything else.