Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Winner Is

The results of the voting for which painting to show at the Rockport Art Association are:

2 votes for Number One, with 3 people liking it but not choosing it for this exhibit.

10 votes for Number Two, with one vote definitely against Number One

3 rejected votes for another painting (Cathedral Ledge 'the tree' in the sidebar). Two of the three votes cast second votes to be included in the decision on the exhibited painting. Those votes were split between One and Two. Mary's hope for the Motif in winter was nixed since that painting has been sold and therefore is not available to show.

So, the painting that will be taken to exhibit at the Rockport Art Association is Good Harbor Beach


mary said...

Yay! I know the painting has to be at the RAA this Thursday but when will the actual show open and for how long?

I hope you will take photos of the event and post them for those who are not lucky enough to view your work in person.

deb said...

Mary, the show opens Sunday, March 15. (opening reception is 2 - 4 p.m.) It runs until April 19.

Didn't think of the photo thing, but I will take some.

dickiebo said...

I didn't see all those votes!!!!! Do some people have secret access? mention of a prize for the first to vote for the winning pic! For goodness sake, Deb. You are getting to be just a tad stingy!! lol.

deb said...

Ahhh, dickiebo. Not a member of the secret society yet? lol

Just to put your mind at ease that you have not been left out...some votes were cast offline. Phone calls, in person, etc.

The prize is the satisfaction of confirmation of good taste!

Gimme, gimme, gimme...just like the youth of today! (grin)

dickiebo said...

Me? Yoof??? Crumbs, ta!

Net Crimes & Misdemeanors said...

Ohhhhh, purty.

deb said...

Thanks (blush)