Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Plea

Okay, folks, I need some opinions. This Thursday I will be submitting one of my oil paintings to be part of the Contributing Members Show at the Rockport Art Association. I am allowed only one painting and I've narrowed the options down to two. Which would YOU choose to exhibit?

Number One
Number Two
Please cast your vote in the comments section. Thanks!


mary said...

Okay, I vote for # 2 - and did you want reasons why? Always ready to give me opinion and more!!

First off, I love the ocean. It is so open and it takes one's mind on a journey to the beyond - like going down an open road - but this takes one out to sea and maybe all the way across the pond (said that for our friends in Great Britain.)

The painting invites the viewer to stop and pick up a shell, dig in the sand, build a castle or draw a heart and put lovers' initials inside it or find a rock and wait for the tide to turn. So many potential stories. It could be an illustration for a thousand stories.

I also can sit and look at this painting and wonder who lives in each of the houses. What do they see from their front windows other than sunrises, sunsets, people and dogs walking and then in the heat of summer . How blesses are they!! Do the walkers in the painting do this every day there?

In other words, #2 takes me to wonderful places in my head. (which I know needs to be examined!)

Re #1 I do understand that it is a painting of tranquility and happy solitude for the one fishing. But it is enclosed and keeps me in one place - that could be security and comforting for some.

Being a pacifist and vegetarian, seeing someone fishing doesn't do anything for me but I understand how others can relish the idea.

Of course my very favorite painting of yours is the one of which I have a miniature - a snow storm on Motif #1 with houses in the distance that I didn't see at first through the snow. We have it in the kitchen in a cupboard with glass doors so every day I see it while I have my breakfast. It is such a quiet, peaceful scene - even though right now snow is a four letter word here in our part of the world!

THANK YOU, Deb, for sharing your talent - it brings joy that keeps on going in ways you, the artist, will never fully know. All of your posted paintings are lovely in their own right and each conjure up such thoughts. If #1 wins the poll, I can easily live with that! :-)

elizabeth down the street said...

I can totally see why you'd need to ask for input... I like the first one better -- I find it more appealing TO ME, but I'd lean towards the second one for this purpose because of the lighthouses placing it so obviously on Cape Ann... And of course it's still a lovely picture, too...

Annette said...

I like No 1 because of the colouring in the painting. I love colour you see, but No.2 is the one I would pick purely because it is 'open' and you can imagine walking there yourself.It is like a breath of fresh air.

dickiebo said...

Numero dos.
And my choice has nothing whatsoever to do with water to take the Yanks back home!!! (Awwright. Only jokin', for Pete's sake!)