Thursday, March 26, 2009

Organ Kit

Don't let me do this again. If I even mention taking a free instrument, stop me. Especially if said instrument must first be taken apart and hauled down the bulkhead stairs, reassembled, rebuilt, disassembled, hauled back up the stairs, and then reassembled once more! My back is killing me!'s finished!
The 'kit'
Basic case back together
The finished organ now for sale at $1400.00. (Considering the economy I may own this one for awhile...not a problem as I love it)

Moline Chapel Organ (back is as pretty as front)
16 Stops, l-r Bass Coupler, Viola, Echo Horn, Sub Bass, Flute, Melophone, Violetta, Forte, Vox Humana, Clarionet, Orchestral, Diapason, Celeste, Dulcet, Melodia, and Treble Coupler

2 Knee Swells, left opens all stops, right opens front and rear swells.

Penciled on keyframe: Dec. 22, 79 4147 Special

Originally in church in Strandquist, MN 1880 - 1969
Moved to Bloomington, MN - Fresno, CA - N. Andover, MA - Rockport, MA

[Note: apologies for the backlighting on the first two photos. Mom is redoing her drapes (they're down for new ones arriving shortly) so there was nothing to block the glare from the doors]


elizabeth down the street said...

I wonder if you couldn't sell it more easily for twice as much? But you would certainly know what the going rate is.... It's just hard to believe something SO beautiful would be THAT inexpensive.

deb said...

Hmmm, possibly but only by implying inherent value. Really. Actual value for a none, or barely playing, reed organ is about $200. The cost of restoration, at $1200, exceeds the value of resale but is how I arrived at a sale price.

Annette said...

That is beautiful and I was thinking the same as 'elizabeth' Thought you could sell it for more.
Why don't you try to sell it at for £1600, then if you are forced to sell it for less you haven't lost anything, have you?

deb said...

Okay, so maybe I should aim higher? How about $1500? You all do understand that this is a very limited market don't you?

I think I may stick with the $1400.