Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It was one year ago. I commented to my supervisor that the tourists seemed edgy and rude. "It's August," she said. "It's always that way in August."

Well, here we are in August again. And, you know what? They still are. Last Sunday around noon-ish the store was packed with people. I was the lone clerk until 1:30. A lady was browsing the taffy boat. She had about 5 kids with her. She set her VERY LARGE, ice laden drink on the edge of the taffy boat platform and one of the kids promptly rewarded her by knocking it off to the floor.

Where it spilled it's entire contents, of course.

I grabbed a roll of paper towels, left my area behind the counter, and approached the woman saying, "Here you go," offering forth the roll of towels. What did she do? Why she turned her back and left the store. The kids sloshed around amid the large puddle complete with ice cubes for a few seconds while watching the taffy being pulled, then walked out.

Thank you very much August tourist!

I was afraid that someone would lose footing on the slick, wet floor. The ice cubes were slithering in one direction towards the boxed taffy display; a river of liquid was heading for the front wall of windows. The customers were lined up for service as I headed for the large mop in the taffy room. It did no good. There was too much! I slathered a huge wad of paper towels around the worst of the spill, tossed them, and headed for the phone to call the other store for some help. A man at the counter shoved a bag of taffy toward me demanding to be waited on immediately. I held up a finger (no, not THAT one), turned my back and finished my quick phone call. Within a few minutes, help arrived to wait on the masses while I mopped and soaked up the mess.

August (maybe it's because it's the only month without a holiday?)

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