Thursday, August 06, 2009

Extra Time

Well, I really didn't intend on making this blog entry so soon. It seems I'm an hour off! Yep, woke up, looked at the clock (obviously not too well), and got up, showered and dressed, read email, checked the clock again...and noticed that it's an hour earlier than I thought!

So here I am.

It was a great trip out to Thacher, yesterday. The 'gang' seemed more personable, which is super for me being sort of the odd person out all the time. I knew all the 'regular' shipmates and the rest of the passengers were college aged and from National Wildlife. They were going out as volunteer labor to replace the screening around the cistern (huge) and to start demolition of some old railway timbers. It was a beautiful, hot and humid day with a haze in the distance. As we rounded the 'gap' there was a slight chop on the water. Being in the bow, I got a good splashing and, in good humor, sarcastically thanked the captain. Captain and crew had a good laugh. It may have been hot and humid but that Atlantic water is still quite chilly!

We arrived at about 9:30, and I quickly hauled myself and my stuff up to the Principal Keeper's House. My tote bag was heavier than I like and by the time I got to the top of the hill my arms were aching. Maybe I shouldn't have helped haul those gasoline cans from the back of a pick up to the dock before we left! I started right in on the repairs to the organ. I had made a list the night before and I knew I had a lot to accomplish in just three hours. I was particularly concerned about the fitting of the wooden linkage. Everything went along quite well (almost) and the new wooden linkage that I had made from a bit of oak fit perfectly and works! The only problem that I ran in to was that the clamps that I brought for repairing the bulge at the edge of the soundboard were about 1/4 inch too small. What to do? Fortunately, I had some age appropriate screws in my repair kit, so I drilled and glued and used the screws as the clamping device. I was finished and packed up by 11:30 so I took a walk out to the Whistle House to see the work that was being done. The Whistle House had been completely refurbished about 20 years ago, but the No-Name storm of 199? severely damaged the easterly side.
After my little excursion, I headed to the Boat House for lunch and a cold drink. It has become the luncheon gathering spot for the regular Thacher group. Between tourists and a couple of the Wildlife people, the 12:30 boat was filled and I was voluntarily bumped to the next boat at 1:30. Does this mean I get a free ticket, an upgrade, vouchers of some sort? Nope, my boat was the trash removal cruise!


Anonymous said...

We have a studio upright piano. It is in Arizona. It has Chickering action. It has been really dry. It is probably down 2/3. Any problem with tuning it to itself ? Like middle C is really G or A ? It would prevent breaking strings and not be played with other instruments.


deb said...

Tuning below standard pitch can be a possibility but there will be many other factors to consider. What you are suggesting (allowing middle C to sound as an A or G) would be an extreme drop from standard and the piano would not sound very pleasing, particularly in the bass. It's really best that you have a qualified technician look at the piano and give you advice. In normal circumstances the piano should be able to be brought to pitch. Excessive rust or structural deficiency might be reasons not to bring it to pitch.