Thursday, August 13, 2009

Okay, So We ARE a Bit Weird

Today, the noontime news had a delightful video. Seems the summer heat had gotten to one big, brown bear. He was cooling off in a backyard pool. Looked like he was having a splashing good time! My mom says, "I'd hope he'd come back each day." Yep, she meant it, though she'd probably change her mind if it were in her pool that he would eventually and probably leave something not so pleasant behind.

We had a town official (sort of) stop by our house a couple weeks ago to get some information about a recent incident that we witnessed. My mom asked me, "What are you going to do if Bubba shows up for his peanut while XXXXX is sitting here?" Thankfully, that didn't happen and I didn't have to explain how I feed Bubba and his wife, Babs, and the triplets, Baby Bubbas peanuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bubba is usually waiting on the fence each morning when I open the drapes.He swoops down for the peanut that I throw out the sliding door, no longer waiting for the door to close or for me to back away.

Last week we had a special guest. Junior the baby crow used our garden for a rehab stint. We haven't decided whether Junior was so young that he just hadn't learned to fly, or if he was injured in one of his short wings. Junior was very adept at hopping and would spend each day between the garden and our deck. He'd hop up and down the deck stairs! Feeding time meant a special treat for Junior - slivered almonds. Junior loved them and nothing would stop him from his almonds. Not even two humans sitting in lounge chairs getting some fresh air and sunshine.Here's Junior collecting some stray almond bits from under the lounge where my mother was relaxing. After nearly a week, Junior hopped out of our garden. My mom saw him across the street in the neighbor's yard. We hope that Junior finally learned to fly. Flap your wings Junior!

Squirt still comes to visit, but is rarely fed. Poor thing searches like crazy for peanuts on the deck. Round and round he goes, nose to the decking. He'll get on a chair back and peer in the window at us wondering, I'm sure, why we have abandoned him. He was just too pushy and aggressive and would climb the screening trying to get to us. Bad Squirt.


Other news. A couple of blogger friends that have been absent for quite a while stopped by this week. I'm very relieved to 'see' both of them as I was worried. Please keep in touch - both of you! Two more paintings have been added to the Cellar Studio. I'm not particularly satisfied with the photo of the painting Tidal Marsh and at some point I'll do a retake. I've started a new book as noted in the sidebar. I was surprised to be watching the Today Show a couple weeks ago and see Kurt Andersen, author and brother of piano tech friend David, being interviewed about his new book, Reset. I'm half way finished and quite impressed. The sub-title describes it well. "How This Crisis Can Restore Our Values and Renew America". As is the norm with Kurt, the book is extremely well researched and written. Check out his website by clicking on the book cover in my sidebar. Then there is my writing! I've gotten about halfway through the first draft of my article for the Reed Organ Society Quarterly. Work got in the way. A good thing, but I should get back to writing it. I do have evenings free, after all!

All for now. I'm off to finish Reset.

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