Thursday, August 27, 2009

The "Nevertobebored" List

Yep, my project list. I was feeling overwhelmed between trying to get stuff done around here while trying to remember what needs to be done. So, the first priority - a list.

  1. Install Pergo flooring in mom's bedroom
  2. Make and install repair flashing at eave on roof
  3. Glaze and paint the shed window
  4. Prime and paint 'A's room
  5. Repair the fence at the front of the garden
  6. Finish staining the house (need to buy more stain)
  7. Install a new toilet fill mechanism (we're tired of waiting over two minutes between flushes!)
  8. Properly vent the clothes dryer
  9. Stain the interior of my front door
  10. Nail in some loose siding
  11. Retrim exterior of mom's front window (at some point a replacement window needs to be bought and installed)
  12. Prime and paint the cellar windows
  13. Paint mom's ceilings where skylights were removed
  14. Reseal bulkhead door

So...I've completed the first item, and now I'm just overwhelmed with the enormity of what's left to do!


Scribbs said...

I always make lists like that so I always know what I'm not getting done!

Kippers Dickie said...

Wot no musical jobs?
All those listed look very boring to me and would go to the bottom of my list.
Put your pianola restoration on the top...followed by building a nice street organ!

deb said...

K-D, those things are pleasure, somehow I rarely get to that list!

It's evening and a six year old boy is looking at the refrigerator door where both his mom and dad have posted their to-do lists. His mom's list has everything checked off, his dad's list has maybe 3/4 of the items checked. Thinking that this is how it is most days, he turns to his mom and asks, "How come dad never finishes his list and you always finish yours?"

His mom replies, "Dad writes his list at the beginning of each day, I write mine as I complete each job so that I can check them off right away."