Friday, August 14, 2009

Out Traipsing

Yesterday, my daughter, 'A', and I decided to go for a long walk. For those of you familiar with the area (or will take the time to Google) , we headed out our street and straight across Main street on to High Street. Just past the purple house (eww), I stopped to take a picture of a pretty garden.Yeah, it looked good against the backdrop of the ewwwy purple house. Once we got to 'our' church, we cut through Harvey Park. 'A' thought we'd head up Broadway, but I had other ideas. We trudged uphill, dodging tourists on Main Street and when we reached Union Lane I told 'A' I had a cemetery I wanted to take a look at. Union Cemetery is a pretty spot sitting on the east side of Mill Pond. Mostly old, very old, graves. A neighbor was out weeding her garden and looked at us suspiciously. After I took some photos and read some headstones, we headed to Five Corners and hung a right on to Railroad Avenue. 'A' needed a stop at the IGA. After that we headed up Poole's Lane to Upper Main Street and back to our lane. It's been a while since we've done such a long (and brisk for the most part) walk. We were tired when we got home!


Kippers Dickie said...

I love that picture of the millpond.
I could sit there and look at that for ages.
When you said she "..looked at us suspiciously", I thought you were going on to say "You got questioned by the police" for taking photos!
Perhaps it's not too bad where you are, but here even young boys are stopped when 'train-spotting',
ie photographing trains.

deb said...

The police try to steer clear of me.

Just kidding, long story. Most of our cops are nice. I give them scrap paper for the police station. I accumulate piles of 6 X 6 paper that comes packed between layers of plastic key tops. They were using odd torn scraps of stuff at the desk for anyone needing to leave a note. Didn't look too professional!