Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Just Not Myself

I answered the phone in my best business voice.

"Deb XXXXXXX Piano Service"

" Hello, this is XXX XXXXX. Deb usually tunes my piano and I'd like to schedule an appointment."

(Caller ID says the call originates in CA! Huh.)

So, do I tell her she's talking to Deb? Nah, thought I'd have some fun.

"Alright, where are you located?" asks non-deb.

"At 85 HHHHHH Avenue, in Gloucester."

(Now I realize who is calling. She maintains two homes - each coast - a no show for her last appointment.)

She continues, "I'd like to have Deb come the second week of September."

"Let me check her schedule, " says non-deb. "How would September the 9th at 11 a.m. be?"

"That's fine."

Non-deb answers, "I've written that in her schedule book - September 9th at 11. She'll see you then."

"Thank you," says XXX XXXXX.

"Bye," says non-deb.



Scribs said...

Is non-Deb going to do the non-tuning if the client misses the appointment?

I truly hope non-Deb works cheap!

mary said...

Of course you have a secretary who keeps your schedule, does the books and sends the bills.

And Deb also has a personal cook, housecleaner and landscaper. Some people just have it all!

Deb is so lucky. And you, non-Deb, are quite the riot as well as being over worked.

BTW, you can have your hot and humid weather, I want winter back - or at least a nice crisp fall day.

deb said...

Scribs, non-deb never non-tunes. Both debs need raises and will not get them. Pain in the youknowwhat boss.

Mary, in my dreams. And, BTW, wash your mouth out with soap, you will get your wish far too soon. (High 40°s Friday AM, YIKES!)