Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Bunch of Them

Really, really wacky people!

First phone call was from a guy who was a merchant marine, previously lived in London (asked if he were detecting a Brit accent in my voice), sort of works on pianos (occasionally), is running for an elected office in an adjacent city, is trying to 'fix up' a piano at a senior apartment complex and it's an ex-player, wants to know if 'guts' can be found for it. No piano name, oh and he's in a local play, and another (un-named here) piano tuner gave him my name and number...and my mom's number (which he tried as well after first leaving a message on my machine). "If it's meant to be it will fall in place." He was referring to the player mechanism. Told him he needed to be armed with a lot more info before he even starts thinking of it.

Next phone call, from XXXXX XXX, calling from London, will be in Gloucester in a fortnight, wants to hire a high end keyboard. Did I do that? No. Gave him a company name in Danvers with a name that bears a similarity to a local tech. He asks about the phone book listing for the local tech. Would they have a keyboard? No, you need the one in Danvers. Thanks for help. Ta.

Phone call number three. Do you work on repairing pianos? Yes. Has a reed organ and saw my advert on a local bulletin board for the Moline organ. Has it sold? No. Oh, would you like to have mine? No. Was evicted and has a Chickering grand and a reed organ in storage, have I tuned for any of the local churches? (I list a few) Oh, would you like my reed organ? No. How much to restore and how long? I tell her. What if you just do the bellows and nothing else? I don't do that because there are many other parts that need restoring in an instrument that is over one hundred years old. Understood. Grandfather worked for Chickering. Uh huh. She would give me the organ. No thanks. Oh, sorry, my other line is ringing and I'll have to answer it. Best to you.



dickiebo said...

Can't you get 'A' or Mom to answer the phone? Course you can; You know it makes sense! lol.

deb said...

And what have you been drinking, dear? lol