Saturday, January 08, 2011

December Blizzard?

I've been told that I promised to post some photos of the storm that we had back in December.  Honestly the photos didn't come out that great.  It's hard to capture the wind, the cold, and the bite in the air...not to mention the damage caused by high winds combined with a super high tide. 

The following photos were taken toward the end of the storm and the day after...while trying not to let too much salt get to the camera lens!

The decking at the end of T-Wharf ripped up by the tide and waves

Debris at Front Beach and torn apart railing

Surf at Front Beach the day after

Sand coated snow plastering the old Hearse House
We didn't get as much snow as the predicted 18 inches but 8 - 10 inches was plenty to coat our neighborhood.


marble-orchard scribbs said... the middle of that photo of the "Old Hearse House" there's a sign for the "Peg Leg Motel."

I'm assuming the tenants of said motel are still among us and not accommodated under the stone markers in the background.

Sheesh...your town is weird. Or is it me?

deb said...

ahem, ummmm, you can see someone shoveling the long, wide drive of the motel to the left.

I am not making any correction to your statement that our town is weird, however.

Mary said...

Thanks for posting the photos. I enjoyed viewing the results of the storm from the warmth of my house!

deb said...

Hah, you picked a fine morning to say that after I just came in from digging out 8 inches covering two driveways, one parking area, a back walk, a front walk, the deck, and two major plow-ins.