Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday's Adventure

Snowshoed Path
'A' and I headed for a walk in the snow at the Moseley Estate and I do want to note a couple things.  They got a heck of a lot more snow 'off-island' than we did 'on-island'.  Easily close to two feet in some places.  Big icicles, too, hanging in rows from eaves.  Where it had been windy, the icicles were hanging at 45° angles.  It looked funny.

Anyway, being a Saturday and the first day of a three day weekend, the parking lot was jam packed at the Moseley Estate (Maudslay State Park).  Lots of cross-country skiers and families with sleds in tow.  I never realized that it would be that popular a destination with snow cover.

'A' and I struggled to walk down the lane to the area where Helen's house used to be.  We tried keeping to gently walking flat-footed in the path flattened by skis.  With a good deal of care only about every fifth or sixth footstep sank deep in the snow.  It made walking very difficult and tiring, and ankles and legs began to ache by the time we had reached the house site.  Having endured enough of that walking nonsense, we turned to head back to paved road and simpler exploration. 

Gate to the Main Road
On the way home we passed through Newbury.  We were delighted to read a couple signs directing to the Tree Burning Bash!  Evidently the town of Newbury allows residents to drop off their Christmas trees at a local field where they are then stacked.  Saturday night was the massive bonfire 'burn'.  Sounds like a pretty cool tradition.


abominable scribbs-man said...

I just gotta know -- are those yeti footprints off to the right on the path? I'd stay out of the right-of-way of skiers and snowboards too, if I was a yeti.

deb said...

Don't went by in a blur! (There were odd mumbling and squeaking sounds though as it passed)

Nah, not yeti. But what?