Sunday, January 02, 2011

When Even Memories Are Gone...Part Two

The events of the morning of December related to me by Marion's neighbor, Fred.

Ann arrived as she usually did each weekday at 7:30 a.m. and found the door locked.  Normally Paul would have left it unlocked when he headed for work at 6:30.  Ann knew that Marion would still be in bed, waiting for her morning help, but where was Paul?  Maybe he had overslept.  Using her cell phone, Ann phoned the house.  She could hear the ringing inside but no one answered.  She looked in a few windows.

At about that time Fred noticed that Ann was wandering around outside the house and he walked across the street to see what was going on.  Ann told Fred about the locked door and no answer upon phoning.  Fred told her to call 911.

It took a few minutes for both the sheriff's department and the ambulance to get to Marion's house.  They live in a very rural area, quite a distance from even the smallest of towns.  While awaiting their arrival, Fred had called the guard house (a gated community) to notify the guard of emergency vehicles arriving.  Once they arrived, the EMT's broke a window to the garage to gain access and entered through a door from there into the house.  First they checked to see that Marion was alright and Ann then stayed with her. A sheriff's deputy went upstairs to look for Paul.  The deputy found Paul flat on his back in his room.  He was dressed for work but had never made it downstairs that day.  Once the coroner was summoned and had opportunity to check Paul's medical report, he determined that Paul had died from a massive coronary.

Of course by then the house was full of officials.  Ann was keeping Marion busy and Fred's wife, Janet, had come to the house to help.  A case worker from Adult Protective Services of the Department of Social Services was called as it was noted that Marion could not be left on her own. The case worker, MT, arrived and suggested that Marion be taken to the hospital for temporary care.  At that point Ann and Janet offered to stay 24/7 with least through the weekend (5 days). 

Meanwhile, back here, the phone was ringing off the hook.  First the coroner, then the funeral director and the case worker, then Marion's neighbors.  They were all relieved to have located a relative from the names, addresses and phone numbers found at Marion's house.  Marion couldn't really remember who all the people were that were listed in her book, but my Mom's name had sounded familiar to her.  Both my mom and I agreed that giving Marion the chance to stay home with Ann and Janet caring for her would be the best temporary option.  When I talked to MT, he informed me that a doctor's appointment had been scheduled for Marion during which long term care arrangements would be determined.  MT assured me that Marion would be looked after and that he would check with me and keep me informed.

I told him that I would be in touch with him that Friday afternoon, after Marion's doctor's appointment.

Friday arrived and that's when things started to go awry.  A few days later and the situation would be worse...and all of it happening under MT's (not so)watchful eye.

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