Sunday, January 09, 2011

Have I Ever Mentioned...

Cattitude...yes, I'm grumpy even with a winter coat
that I hate snow?  Not a precisely accurate statement.  I hate having to shovel snow.  And I have to shovel a lot of area.  Mom's wide driveway, mom's crushed stone parking area, mom's front walk and steps, the back walk, the deck, my crushed stone drive, my steps.  At least the 6-8 inches that we were not supposed to get last night is fairly light and fluffy. 

The meteorologists should have stuck with their original forecast.  They changed it from 6+ inches for our area to 0 or a dusting.  Last night's late news included word that 'the event' was more snow for the weekend.  Done.  When I woke up this morning I noticed, from my angle still in bed, that there was a light coating of white on a nearby rooftop.  Oh, no worries...just a dusting.  Then there was a rumble that got louder and louder. 

A snowplow?

I got out of bed and looked out the window.  There it all was, waiting for digging out...and a sizable plow-in, too!  The dread felt was soon replaced by a gnawing irritation.  The town had plowed the back drive...again.  They are supposed to stay off of it.  I started a pot of coffee and bundled up in snow gear to start shoveling.  I checked the back drive...yep, they've dug up more pavement.  That adds another chore to tomorrow's list...a trip to the DPW office to complain.  Obviously they forgot that they agreed to stay off my property and drive.

I propose a compromise.  It can snow all it wants long as it doesn't accumulate on drives, walks, or streets...and it's 80°F while it does it.  (I'll settle for 60°...but don't tell)


flake-y scribbs said...

It's snowing here, too...though there won't be enough to warrant any shovel action, much less snowplows. Since the white stuff is a rare experience for me, I'm diggin' it.

I think the kitteh should go to the city on your behalf. He's got the attitude!

deb said...

My attitude is on a slippery slope.

I've collected some of the torn up by the plow driveway pavement and I'm going to plunk it down on the counter in the DPW office.

elizabeth down the street said...

How did THAT go?

deb said...

Welllllll...the secretary said, "They're plowing a private driveway??????" uh huh.

Supposedly she has called the director with my 'request' that they stay off of my property. Wednesday shall tell!

Mary said...

Do you have a snowsuit for that cat yet? I'd bundle him up and have him scare the plow driver as he comes barreling through your property tomorrow morning!

A few years ago I would have suggested that you and I camp out with plenty of hot chocolate and wait for the metal beast to come roaring by and then jump out and . . . Oh well, I now would be willing to sit inside and hand out the hot chocolate to you with words of encouragement. What?! No?

Seriously, don't try to get all the white stuff moved. It will melt some day. You need to save your back and arms.

deb said...

My approach is shovel a little every hour and a half. Keeping ahead of it seems to work well...more time, less exertion.

Hot chocolate sounds good. May I have loads of marshmallow fluff in it, please?