Tuesday, January 04, 2011

When Even Memories Are Gone...Part Four

The list of participants in this story continues to grow.

So far there's
Paul, who failed to make legal arrangements for his mother's care if he should die first...and he did.  He also failed to distribute or notify 'others' of his wishes and/or his will.

Marion, who only wants to stay in her home and will agree to anything for that to happen. 

Fred and his wife, concerned neighbors who are trying their best to keep an eye on the events across the street.

Ann, the day care giver who has seized the opportunity to better her status by using Marion's fear of having to leave her home to her (Ann's) advantage.

A doctor who either failed to recognize dementia or chose to ignore it.
MT, the Adult Protective Services case worker, who has made statements that he can't back up and chooses to believe whatever Ann chooses to tell him, even when it is pointed out that he is being lied to by omission.

And the elder law attorney that I can't afford.

Now add in more players over the next few days.  In upcoming posts you'll read about Ann's family, a funeral director, Marion's step-sons (and one's ex), the Adult Protective Services supervisor, Tina, and a SC politician.


elizabeth down the street said...

Good heavens.

deb said...

It's so convoluted that I'm forgetting to add in stuff in the correct places...I'll probably end with a summary post to cover all that got omitted!