Monday, January 17, 2011

A Letter Home

My mom has been going through old photographs and scrapbooks with the idea of trying to organize all the items.  Unearthed, so to speak, once again, are letters home from my dad from his Navy days.  I have scanned one of the longest...written on rice paper...that was composed while aboard the USS Alabama anchored in Tokyo Bay.  Here are the first two pages of eleven total.  Watch for the rest in the upcoming days.  You will need to click to enlarge the images to read.  Since this is the first attempt at publishing these on the blog, I'm hoping the enlargements will be legible.  If not, I suppose I shall have to transcribe the letter.


scribbs, history buff, said...

This is great...can't wait to see more!

I do hope you look around for some historical society that would preserve copies of the letters, complete with art. They'd be a great resource for historians.

Clear, direct stories of history as it happened are priceless!

dickiebo said...

Deb, If anybody has poor eyesight - like me! - they can enlarge by using Control+

Bernard said...

Beautiful Deb. They enlarged OK on this side of the pond.
Sept 6th 1945 - I was 3 years 4 days old. Doesn't time fly.
Here, our local historical societies will take all photos and documents.
They implore you not to throw thing away. They will sort them.

deb said...

All...nothing will get thrown away. Just some of the pictures will get put in an archival album, others left in a storage box for the time being.

Thanks for the tip, dickiebo.