Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Change in the Air

And it's not about money! (although, I did find a dime today)

This week has felt far. I don't know exactly why. Maybe because the summer humidity has moderated a bit. Even the start of the leaves changing color is not bothering me...yet! I really don't like anticipating cold, snow, the snow shovel, and shortened days. I hope winter passes as quickly as summer seems to have passed this year. Yuck, just thought of having to turn the heat on and the continual filling of the humidifier. I really, really, really prefer summer! In a few weeks I'm going to try something with the scanner and this blog (if I remember). Maybe I can get a little artsy.


See Fall colors!


Am I bored? Actually, no, I've been very busy for the start of the week.
A chuckle occurrence - Monday, I was walking down a side street in town when out of the corner of my eye I saw a police cruiser approaching from behind. Now, you know I have this thing about waving to people I know (and also some that just like to wave). Well, for four years I have been "working on" the police department. Most now wave. Usually I can't see which officer is in the car due to the light or reflections, whatever, so I just wave. One officer just lifts a single finger in acknowledgement (NO, not THAT finger). Anyway, here comes this police car Monday. As it passes by me I turned to look and IN UNISON I see three heads nod and three hands raise to wave! It was so cute! They are getting so well trained. LOL

Well, I must get back to work on the reed organ casework. It has become very annoying as I can't seem to get an exact match for the finish. I just spent $40 on various finishes to do a lot of trial and error.

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