Wednesday, October 04, 2006

And the Moon Isn't Full Yet!

My goodness, the last twenty four hours have been totally weird. First an update on work stuff. Nothing from the music director, nothing from the Kawai organ people. Are you really surprised?

However, I did get a big maybe from a tech in Illinois about a key job....if he gets the piano to work on.

I got a call from a non-tech in Florida (tech referred) about a special key job. I'm really wondering about this one. I'm pretty sure it's legit. But this guy called my folks phone number and then dropped a name very out of context. "The" name. Well, time will tell on that, I guess. I hate it when a tech gives my name to the customer to deal direct (on shopwork). One reason I can keep my price reasonable for the job is because I don't have to spend a lot of talk time with techs. Generally they call, say they are sending keys, what needs to be done, and verify price. Don't panic, there *are* a few of you techs out there that I really enjoy talking to beyond the key info! Anyway, 45 minutes of drivvle with this guy.

And now on to some trouble making....

I would like to preface this by saying that I love animals. Cats, dogs, whatever. I have had both cats and dogs growing up (and turtles and fish). It's the irresponsible owners that I have severe problems with, at least today!

We have far too many dogs living on our street. It is directly proportionate to having far too many children on the street (he, he, he, I really do like kids, too). Rockport has a leash "law". Dogs must be on a leash or under voice control. I do not consider two dogs, allowed to roam with a couple kids under ten years old, who generally ignore the dogs and let them do and go where ever, not pay any attention, as being under voice control. We are tired of the dogs running through the flower gardens and using our front lawn for toilet facilities. A few days ago, one was again "caught in the act" while the dear children masters were hanging out down the street. My mom yelled at the dog to "go home" and to the children to keep the dog out of our yard and put it on a leash. The dogs were leashed for the next couple of days.

UNTIL TODAY.............................

same song and dance. Mom gets after neighbor's child to keep the dog out of the yard. That there is a leash law and next time it happens the dog officer will be called. And guess what? Neighbor mom comes storming down the road yelling at my mom that the dogs are under control of the 8 year old (oh, come on, really) and that my mother had no business yelling at her about the dog. Excuse me? I'd had it at that point. I told neighbor mom that we were tired of having to clean up after *her* dogs, especially when trying to mow the yard and get a lot of work done. That the dogs were not kept under control by her young daughter otherwise they would not be in our yard when it had been made obvious to keep them out. Grrr. She has the nerve to say "Well, if you find any mess in the yard just call me and I'll come down and clean it up".

Sooooooooo, let me get this straight. I'm hurrying to get the lawn mowed and I have a lot of other things that need to be done, too. I see, or worse yet, step in dog poop that probably came from her dog. I should stop the mower, walk in to the house (possibly removing shoes that now need to be thoroughly cleaned), look up her phone number and give her a call. What if she isn't home? Should I then patiently wait until she is???? Geez.

I'm sorry, I was really frustrated and angry. I turned to her and said, "I have too much to do to be calling you every time to clean it up. Keep the dogs on a leash or in your own yard, whatever. Keep them out of my yard. I'm not calling you. Next time I'll just bring it down to *your* house." My feeling is pet ownership is a responsibility. If you are not going to be a responsible owner, you shouldn't have the pet.

I have lots of pet owner friends and I have piles of pet "friends". The owners are caring and committed to taking good care of their pets.

What will happen when the moon *is* full?

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