Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Little Here and There

It seems I've been running in all directions this week. I've been trying to get a lot of work done around the house ready for winter. I got the screen door at the bottom of the bulkhead insulated against the cold. It helps alot for keeping my workshop warm. I still haven't gotten the storm windows down, maybe tomorrow. I think I need to start a list to check off. I keep forgetting things and other things come up that also eventually get forgotten! Of course, all that stuff is done at my parent's. Their house is neat and clean, too. I still need to get vacuuming and dusting done at home.

My mom wanted one of the sewing machines stored in the cellar, so I did get that done. Then she needed to have her cell phone changed. She still had one from six years ago - AT&T - and the analog service is being phased out. So I took her to the mall (did a bit of clothes shopping) to get a new phone. I ended up adding her to my plan as that will be less expensive for her each month. I never use all my minutes, they rollover, and I accumulate even more that I don't use! Tomorrow I have to cancel her old account. I tried to do it while waiting at the mall kiosk for the new hookup, but I didn't have the info that was had to wait until at home. The next step will be teaching her how to use her new phone. Oh, boy......

Yesterday, my dad managed to disconnect a light bulb from it's own screw-in base when he tried to turn on the lamp next to his chair. I had already bought a new socket for the lamp as they were complaining that the old one was getting too hot. The new one has a pull chain so he won't be reaching up from the bottom, past the hot bulb, to switch the light on and off. I took the floor lamp down to the workshop to "operate" on it. Managed to get everything apart only to find out that the insulation on the wiring was pretty brittle. Okay, one more thing to do. Headed out to Ace for new wire and a new plug. Got back home and finished that project. Shipped out some keys and had others picked up at the shop. Then carried the deck furniture down to the cellar for mom.

There has been an increase in calls for tunings and service this week. I've tried to schedule them out over a few weeks so I don't get too swamped in any particular day. A set of keys arrived from Michigan. Thank goodness the guy's name was included on the MBE return address. He didn't put any contact info or return shipping info (or check :-( ) in the box. I got his contact info from the PTG Membership Directory and I've emailed him. No response yet. I'll call over the weekend if I hear nothing in the meantime.

Mom decided, out of the blue, that she thought I could have a player piano in their house. My house doesn't have a spot large enough to fit a normal size piano (really, I'm not kidding). Now this is great news. I would love to have a player piano of my own once again. I wish she had considered it when I owned one! I'm on the look-out for something that needs rebuilding but has a decent cabinet as I have no facility to do refinishing. This would have been so much easier had I been able to move one from FL when I moved up here. I guess better late than never.

My friend's dad-in-law is not doing well. She will be spending some time with him tomorrow and I hope that, just maybe, he is a bit improved. I know it is a very difficult time for her family and my heart hurts for them.

My dad is still hanging in after his eye surgery. The gas bubble "clamp" in his eye has started to "sink", which it is supposed to do. Dad says that he can now see a some things that are above shoulder height. As the bubble descends the vision returns from top to bottom. This happens over a period of 6-8 weeks. As my mom said today, with limited time left to live because of the cancer, it just wouldn't be right for him not to be able to read...the only thing that he *really* has enjoyed since his emphysema and cancer has limited him physically.

Well, a tuning tomorrow, phone calls too. Saturday will be a shopwork day and I've also got one more handout to write and print out for Sunday.

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