Monday, October 02, 2006

Are You Ever Invisible?

I've decided that I must be. At least for the past few days...make that almost one week!

I get an email saying that all is set with the schools as far as me taking care of the pianos. The head of the music department is anxious to get together about scheduling things. Sooooo, as requested, I email, it bounces - bad address. I call and leave a message at his home phone, nada. I get a new email address and resend, nada. Tomorrow I'll leave a message at the school and see if that works. I'm not going to SCREAM at them (or beg).

I sent an email to the owners of the Kawai organ. I tell them that everything is finished, and to get in touch about payment and pick-up. Nothing there either, hmmmpppphhh.

So, do I exist or what? I participate in quite a few online mailing lists. In the last few days I have made a couple posts. Absolutely nothing. Oh, the posts show up, but it's like nobody can hear me!

Not to mention the lack of work. I got really concerned that "you know who" might be up to some "you know what" but everything appears to be okay. I checked my books from last year, this past month, and things were slow then, too. That makes me feel a bit better. Last October keywork was very good, so...fingers crossed.

I'm here, folks!

So, I've started feeling a little weird about being invisible. Today, I decided to take steps to battle it. My mother has been nagging for me to mow the lawn. She says, "Short, please, this time. I want to get the acorns raked out of it." My parents were out for lunch when I decided to attack the lawn. I was finished before they got back. Did anyone notice? NOPE. Darn, still invisible.

In desperation I decided to work on the bathroom. It is my next house project. Paint, beadboard, baseboard, and trim. Today I painted. It is the only room that I allowed to be "themed". My daughter wanted palm trees. So, palm trees on the shower curtain and I have some matching wallpaper border that will be just above the beadboard. Then paint to the ceiling. I went to our local Ace Hardware to pick out the paint and get some supplies. I love the paint color. It is a soft moss green. The best thing is the name...quite in keeping with the theme...Treasure Island (not the book, Treasure Island was just south of where we lived in FL).
So.....I am no longer invisible! Paint fumes! I've been around here working! Yuck, now I've got to try to get to sleep smelling it.


Anonymous said...

Just checking in to say it is always great to read your blog. You write as if you were right here having a conversation. Love it. Keep it up. BTW, I have seen you so you are not invisible - at least not ALL the time :-)

deb said...

Anonymous, huh? And you just *think* you are being invisible. He, he, he, and a sly grin!