Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Gone Forever

What a waste. The old Haskin's Block has been torn down to make room for the new performance center. Rockport Chamber Music Festival, which is now named just Rockport Music, I believe. The only folks that seem to be totally pleased with this 'progress' are those directly benefiting - Rockport Music. The neighbors have been unhappy about the newest proposed, enlarged version from the onset. I had opportunity to speak with some residents of Portsmouth, NH who were aghast with the idea of little Rockport having a large performance venue. They said that bigger Portsmouth had tried the same thing a few years back and had seen it's failure. More use specific buildings left vacate.

So we have been told that this is progress. That it will be wonderful for Rockport. Established local businesses will thrive because of it. Rockport will become a year-round destination.

It wasn't too long ago that we heard the same promises about another major change for the town.
That didn't happen, why should this?

Anyway, progress.Better known as: it's too late now.

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