Monday, November 10, 2008

SOY, PRO, EOD, and now HH

Since we moved back to Rockport in the summer of 2002, we have occasionally seen the signs around town. The first was during near blizzard conditions. Why are there signs that say SOY all around town we wondered? Ohhhhhhh, we finally got it. They were filming the movie "Stuck On You"!

Not a big hit but we went to see it and we have the movie posters. Two of them.

Then, of course, came PRO, "The Proposal". Might be a good one as it has some big name stars. "The Love Letter", that was filmed before we moved back had some big stars, too. Again, not a box office biggie. Nor was "Home for the Holidays" (I think that was the name). Nor "The Good Son" with Elijah Wood.

The last one was "Edge of Darkness", EOD, starring Mel Gibson. Now that might do well and I think we'll actually pay to see that on the big screen.

Our most recent is being filmed in town over the next few weeks. It's called "Hatteras Hotel" and stars Wade Williams. Evidently Mr. Williams is best know for his role on the TV show "Prison Break". I haven't seen it. They'll be filming tomorrow at the (new) police station and in town at the old station. T-Wharf will be featured and a lot of the movie is being shot at the Emerson Inn.

Maybe I'll be in the movie! Yesterday afternoon a guy was taking some major photos with some major high-end equipment down in Dock Square. He was shooting the front of the candy factory and some of the window display that we have there. Sooooo.....if you see the lady behind the counter wearing the black zippered sweatshirt with the tartan plaid turtleneck jersey's ME!!!.

Or maybe it was just some rich, touristy type taking photographs.


Elizabeth down the street said...

What about that one with Sandra Bullock?

dickiebo said...

Some people will do anything.... lol.

deb said...

Hi E, that was PRO (The Proposal). I think it is due out next year. Fall maybe. We'll probably go see it in the theater but I don't think it's going to be a big money maker.

dickiebo, nearly.

mary said...

We're counting on you to give us the true scoop about
what is happening with this latest movie. Should we be somewhere sometime to see something?

deb said...

I haven't heard much on this one. They were all set up at the police station the other day. They only other thing I've heard is that they have 'paid' the town $10,000 for the use for filming. Money to go to the Rockport Housing Authority.

Won't comment on that.