Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Fisk Organs

So many have been checking for the concert schedule that I'll copy the Open House info at the end of this post. Anything else about Fisk and about concerts on their organs, worldwide, can be found by visiting their website. A link is provided in the sidebar of this blog.

Location: C. B. Fisk, Inc. Workshop
Gloucester, MA

Date & Time: November 08, 2008
2-6 pm

Opus Number: 134

C.B. Fisk, Inc. cordially invites you to our shop in Gloucester to view
Opus 134, A three-manual, 48-voice organ
for Covenant Presbyterian Church, Nashville, Tennessee

Rte. 128 to Rte. 133, East 1 mile
Right on Magnolia Avenue, 1 mile
Right on Kondelin Rd., 1/2 mile


elizabeth down the street said...

We have a birthday party to attend part of that afternoon, but by "open house" does that mean, "come any time and there will still be something to see" ?? I think our older boy wonder might enjoy seeing that.

deb said...

Yep. RB from church goes to the open houses. I believe she took her grandson last fall. There are 'tours' every hour or so and long lines. You don't have to actually be part of any tour. You can wander and look. They build the organ on site and you can hear about it and also they will have someone playing a brief concert (you just stand in a small room where the organ has been assembled). There are plenty of employees around to answer questions and you can come and go as you please.