Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

We arrived at the polls at 10:10 a.m. and had a line to wait in. This is unusual for Rockport. We only had to wait about 5 minutes, check in, get a ballot, vote, check out and insert the ballot in Rockport's nifty, old, oak ballot box. As you insert your ballot, a poll worker cranks a well worn, brass handle to grab your ballot and deposit it in the box with a pronounced "ding". On the front of the box is the counter. I was number 570. I don't know exactly the voting population of Rockport. Residentially we have about 7,000 people. Not all are voters, of course. We have three voting precincts. Someone in line made a comment that the count number was rather high for that time of the day. The poll worker commented, "That's high for late afternoon, normally!"

Outside our precinct is the town parking lot. There were several volunteers with Obama signs.
None for McCain.

I had a tuning at the high school at 1 p.m. The elementary school is part of the school complex and is also the voting place for the 3rd precinct. As I drove by the entrance, I waved to more Obama supporters.
None were there for McCain.

Something positive to be said for Rockport.


mary said...

We voted in the middle of the afternoon but I didn't think to look at the numbers. We always take the boys with us and so took pictures of them with us in the booths. We also have pics of each little guy turning the crank! I hope that old oak container never goes away.

Same observation about the lack of McCain supporters. There were three greyhounds with those holding signs to make racing illegal.

If whoever loses starts to campaign this week for the election in 2012, I may start screaming. That happened 4 years ago. Oh, please, give us a break.
Just start working on cleaning up the mess left by W. It will take years and that's with everyone working together. If only . . .

deb said...

Well stated, Mary.