Monday, November 17, 2008

Having All My Santas In a Row

Hand-poured chocolate Santas at Tuck's Candy Factory

While busy working as a piano technician and keeping up with my two days working at Tuck's Candy Factory, I have also made time to keep up with painting necklaces. As you know, I had tried to reserve a table at the PTO (school) Holiday Fair only to be put on a waiting list. Just in case that fell through, I reserved a table at the Rockport United Methodist Church Holiday Bazaar. So, I made sure that I had enough inventory and good displays anticipating (hoping for) a good turnout and good sales at the church fair.

The time has rapidly approached for the PTO Fair (this upcoming Saturday) and I resolved myself to saying that I would call the woman in charge today and inquire about my status. I was particularly peeved when reading the newspaper this past week and had discovered that another vendor had purchased a table at the PTO Fair well after I had requested one and been denied. I stewed about it for a couple hours and decided that I would make the call today, remain pleasant, and accept that living in a small town meant having the correct last name to be included in some things. Preferential treatment goes with name and with degree of native-ness. My ancestors aren't from Rockport. I wasn't even born here. There's no changing that and thus I shall never 'be one' with Rockport.

At 8:40 p.m. last night my phone rang. I went to check the caller i.d. Who on earth would be calling me that late on a Sunday evening?

The women in charge of the PTO Holiday Fair!

I grabbed the phone. She was calling to ask if I would be interested in renting half a table. She was trying to get as many people included as possible. She had heard wonderful things about my work. (Well, she DID say that. Of course she probably is saying that to everyone. I'm choosing to believe that she actually has heard it about my stuff! [grin])

So I'll be at the PTO Fair! A scrunched version of my total display that I'll have to sort out at set-up time on Friday evening. This week I'll be working on a rush order of key bushings and painting more ivories. Just in case the necklaces sell well I'll need more for the church fair.

I'm tired already. I need a chocolate army's worth of help!
The big guys - Tuck's hand-poured chocolate Santas


Elizabeth down the street said...

Yay! We'll see you there and probably have to pick up a couple more necklaces at what I hope are the increased prices! ('Cause they are SO worth it!)

deb said...

Have you been in past years? How busy is it?

Prices will be the same. Next summer may see an increase (I'll be a member of the RAA by then)lol.