Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Faired

I enjoyed the Rockport PTO Holiday Fair.During a slow moment - 50 vendors in the gymnasium
At last, something that has been well advertised and is well attended! I loved having the set-up the evening before. When I got up at 7 a.m. this morning knowing that it was around 22°F outside and the wind was blowing and I had a sinus headache because of the relatively low humidity (even with a humidifier running) in the house, I was verrrry glad I had done my basic set-up the night before. About half the people waited to set up this morning. As I was sitting warm and snuggled sipping my morning coffee and watching the news, I thought of them up there at the school bright and early and freezing cold. I left the house at 8 a.m. Plenty early enough for the 9:30 opening time. I had more than enough time to put out my paintings and necklaces. It was nice not to have to rush with it. My mom came around 9:30 and stayed for a couple hours. I sent her home to get her lunch and to get my camera. (Dickiebo always wants pictures) I took the pictures during a lunchtime lull. Have I mentioned that I'm just a tad worn out? Well, I sold 10 small necklaces and one large one. No mini paintings or 5 X 7s this time. So, tired or not, I came home and got back to work painting necklaces! Another sale on Dec. 13th and they take time to dry!

Tomorrow I have to open AND close the candy factory store AND work the day by myself!
Shouldn't be too busy, it's still freezing cold and blowing a gale. Tomorrow we are supposed to lose the wind but keep the cold.

Off now to make my dinner - chicken, mashed potatoes and broccoli. Yummmmmmmm.

Ed. note: An enormous thank you to 'E down the street' for telling me about this wonderful fair!


elizabeth down the street said...

Well, I wish you had sold 30 necklaces!

deb said...

Yikes! I only had 22 to start and another fair in three weeks!

Good thought, though. I would have to start taking orders.

Must paint, must paint. Oops, today is Tuck's. Sell candy.

dickiebo said...

When do we divi up the proceeds, Deb?

deb said...

When I decide how much 'we' have contributed in materials and labor.

I did a bit better than I originally thought. Today I discovered the twenty dollar bill that the table person had refunded to me. I had thought it was in with the general proceeds, then remembered that I had kept it separate. Soooooo, I sold a dozen painted necklaces, not 10 as I initially thought.

Net Crimes & Misdemeanors said...

I love your mini paintings and am the proud owner of one. Those people don't know what they're missing!

deb said...

Thanks. For the next fair I'm modifying the minis just a tad. There will be a NON-visually invasive 'loop' added to the back so that the easel mini may be used as a Christmas tree ornament. I had several people ask for them as ornaments and those folks obviously couldn't figure a way to do it on their own! I'll have my 'feather' tree to use to display them.

deb said...

Oh, other news. I've got 9 more ivory necklaces ready to string up and another five in the painting works.