Sunday, November 02, 2008

Rolling Rocks On

An update.

After breakfast this morning I took a bit of time gazing out the front window at my mom's front garden. Smack in the middle was a large piece of granite. Now, this garden is a mixture of rock garden plantings and perennials, but that rock looked wrong. I called my mother to have a look.

"Is that piece of granite supposed to be there?"

It didn't look right to her either, so I bundled myself up against the cold and went to check it out.

Someone had pushed another boulder off the wall. This time in the opposite direction and it landed on top of some plantings. I rolled and shoved and twisted it back in to place on the wall.

This is getting ridiculous.


dickiebo said...

Get the Sheriff on the job, Deb.

deb said...

Funny this morning!

Net Crimes & Misdemeanors said...

Thank you for the little Chippy (or is it supposed to be Brijit?) And the card is hilarious. Chris burst out laughing when he saw it.

deb said...

You are very welcome. It's a Chippy finger puppet. (I hadn't heard about Brijit at the time I bought it.) Since it's a finger puppet you can be amusingly annoying with it to anyone you wish!