Friday, November 21, 2008

Four Feet Is Short

Four feet is short for an adult. Four feet is short for a piano. And four feet is definitely short for display area at a craft fair.

Tomorrow is the Rockport PTO Holiday Fair. I'll be there. All four foot's worth that I have been allowed. I haven't managed a refund of half my table fee yet. I mean, after all, I'm only getting half the size so I should only be paying half the fee. Actually, that is the deal. I just haven't been able to get the fee person to see the logic of keeping my check for the entire amount and giving me half back out of the pile of cash she had with her during tonight's set-up time. Sigh. Some things are too simple and logical to ever make sense to some. So I guess the plan (her plan) is to give me my original check back and then I am to pay the half fee. Okieeeee, dokieeeeee.

I'll be finishing my set-up early in the morning. My scrunched display. 24 painted necklaces, 3 ivory and ebony necklaces, 20 easel minis and some for later filling (I'm trying to be optimistic) and only two of the 5 X 7 framed paintings. I'll have all the paintings with me, just not able to put many out. The Fair runs from 9:30 a.m. until 2 p.m.

See you there.

I'm already tired and I haven't started!


dickiebo said...

Well, it is Saturday, and with all the sport that is on the telly, I may not make it. In that event, keep back something decent for Dickie! lol.
Good luck!

deb said...

Thanks, luv.

It's only in the 20's F. this morning, gusty winds expected up to 30 mph. I've woken with a sinus headache. Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE winter?

mary said...

You may have been given half a space but what you did with it made it stand out from the many others.

Your placement of the items for sale was dimensional not all on the same surface and that was very appealing to the eye. The color scheme was soothing and I thought the display looked clean cut and inviting. So many of the other tables were laden with items that were just laid out there and to me it was hard to see much because they looked chaotic, overstimulating and yes, cluttered. Too much for my eyes to take in - especially since I am not a shopper.

Have you ever considered going into window display design - is it called "window dressing"? Of course none of the big companies are located in our quaint Cape Ann. Maybe you could teach some of the crafters how to display their talent. You outshone everyone - even in your tiny space. Kudos!

deb said...

Awww, gee, Mary, I'm blushing. I'll be posting about the fair later tonight (?) Did well enough although even better would always be better! I had a great time there and will be there next year if I'm still alive.

More later...I've got to get painting.