Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy Ho, Ho, Ho Happening

Well, what a relief! My aunt and uncle and cousin are coming for a visit tomorrow. Guess what? My mom was dashing around to get all the Christmas decorating done! You see, they haven't been to this house for a visit during the holidays, so my mom wants to make sure everything is finished. And better yet, I was out on tuning jobs all afternoon!!!!!!

I got home to the news around 5 pm. Since I had to get *something* to eat, I decided to go to Ellen's Harborside. When I got there, some friends, Ed and Margaret, invited me to join them at their table and we had a nice chat over dinner. I got back home and went to Mom and Dad's. Mom had all the boxes of ornaments out of storage and had started a bit of decorating. I worked on it for about 45 minutes and then went to pick Amanda up at work. Got home and did some more ornament hanging. Then since I had already taken my Christmas decorations "out of storage" earlier in the day, I made a mad dash and got my living room done.

So.....HO, HO, HO, once again. What normally takes my mom a few days got done in less than two hours. FANTASTIC!!!!

All that's left to do for Christmas decorating is to put the candles in the windows and run the extension cords outside.........THEN I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah....shhhhhhh, I found the perfect gift today.

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