Saturday, December 02, 2006

If You're Going to Lie to Me....

then you have to do better at it. I reported several customers to the "Times" for non-payment of their bills. For about 5 customers, I am owed over $100 total. I'm tired of buying their papers for them and not getting reimbursed. They are notified, in writing, each week as to how much they owe. So I call the office to get them to take action. And....the area person calls this morning asking if anyone has paid yet. (Nope) She says she tried to phone me late yesterday and my phone was busy, busy, busy. Okay, when I'm online that's true as I have dial-up service. But, yesterday I was out shopping with my Mom and Amanda from 12:30 until 5 p.m.. Then when we got home we went out to eat, then came home and watched a movie. I was online for about 15 minutes around 9 pm. That's it. Good try but you didn't try to call me, lady. I take that back. It wasn't even a good try.

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