Friday, October 10, 2008

And It Continues

If you haven't yet read my last post before this one!

I was sitting minding my own business, working on necklaces this afternoon, when.....

these two flew by the window,on our back 'common way' and down the neighbor's driveway. Now I'm really pissed off (sorry, at least I didn't swear). So I watched, waited, photographed, and verbally assaulted one of them on his second time around. They quit for the day.

So, today's total....they nearly ran head first in to the front end of a neighbor's car as the neighbor was returning home from work. I heard one kid remark, "aw, that was a close one." And they have once again trespassed on private property.

The pictures show them on the public road in front of our house. These kids are only about 9 or 10 years old, tops.


Mary said...

If the little darlings injure themselves on your private land including driveway, will you be legally responsible? Could you be sued?

To where has common decency and sense gone? Where are the parents - what do they think being a parent means - just breeding? Where did they leave their brains?

If we expect our children to look to our leaders and candidates for examples as to how to live their lives, we are in deeper trouble than anyone can imagine. I feel sorry for some of the kids of today - where is their anchor? Is there no one to guide them? Where are the good role models? Certainly not the players of all the sports who pull in the mega dollars and act as rogues when life does not go their childish way. Schools can only do so much and then it is called "meddling" and the parents complain and/or sue.

When I was a kid, eons ago I know, we were not allowed to walk on anyone's grass,stone walls, rocks and we put candy wrappers and gum in our pockets to dispose of at home - or under the desk at school! Jus' kidding on that one. I rarely was given either candy or gum and sometimes that old gum belonging to someone else but stuck under my desk from last year looked almost inviting.

Falling off my soapbox . . . it all seems hopeless BUT the sun is out, the sky is blue, the air warm but not hot and God is in ultimate control. Yay!

deb said...

Okay, I think I've got these in order. The answers to your questions.

Some would like us to believe Alaska (HAHA).
See above.
See above.
The prison system?
Evidently not.
Hiding with you and me while trying to help others, fighting a seemingly endless battle.

Thank God for hope.

dickiebo said...

Tie a wire across the roadway, say about 3 feet off the deck. Or;
Get the Sheriff to try his aim on a moving target.
Please report back on this one!!

deb said...

We were thinking of using all those pesky acorns. Hmmm, a couple slingshots and poised at open windows!