Wednesday, October 15, 2008

That Spooky Kinda Feeling...

Just in time for Halloween!

We need to travel back a few years. Back to February 2005. Things were a bit weird then, with my name and contact info having been posted on some raunchy message boards. The Internet version of the bathroom wall. Beyond not being amusing, it can also be quite dangerous. You never know who may be out there........nearby. What they might do. It was at that time that I started receiving obscene phone calls and hang-ups. All from numbers originating in Louisiana. There were a total of six different numbers, repeated calls from several. One afternoon, while I was working in the shop, I decided to try answering one of the calls again. Just to see if they would hang up. Another mumbling of obscenities. I hung up. The phone rang again, nearly immediately. Same number. I didn't answer. This time he left a message. A few minutes later, the phone rang again. Same number, similar disgusting message.

And again, again, and again. No more messages. Just hang-ups. All from the same Louisiana phone number. This guy was mad.

The phone didn't stop ringing. It was continual. The guy must have been dialing, letting it ring a couple times, hanging up and dialing again. Over and over. Eventually I took it 'off the hook' for the rest of the afternoon. After dinner I connected it again and all was fine. I took the recording from the answering machine to the police. They agreed that it was caused by my info being 'out there' and we knew who was responsible. I researched the numbers. Most came from cell phones.

We came to denote the series of phone calls as the 'Louisiana Calls'. After one month they ceased.

October 6, 2008. The phone rang and I checked the caller id. The number showed up with the designation underneath: 'Louisiana Call'


Now, actually, I'm not really spooked by the phrase showing up on my caller id. I'm just finding it quite curious. My system displays the number and name, or number and state only, or private, or out of area. It does not use MY coined phrases!

Oh yeah, the call was from a cell phone.


dickiebo said...

I can prove it wasn't me! I left my infernal thing on the bus! About the only time that B has 'allowed' me to go on the bus on my own, and I leave my phone on it! I blame Nick for pinching the car all the time. Do you suffer from car-theft?

deb said...

Nah, number one and only doesn't drive. The elder refuses to try to drive my little truck.

Now, one might think that those are good things.

Try a few decades of being family chauffeur and you'll quickly appreciate your thief.