Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sail Away

It's a done deal. The USS John L. Hall be leaving our waters tomorrow morning to head for southern warmth at their home port of Mayport, Florida, and there will be a small remembrance of their stay in Rockport going with them. The big news I've been hinting at - my little painting of Motif #1 as seen from T-Wharf will be with them. RocNavCom gave the USS John L. Hall my painting for the ship's library!

WOOOOOHOOOOO! I'm sooo thrilled about this.

Thank you so much, RL and SG (RocNavCom).


mary said...

Congratulations! That is wonderful!

deb said...

Thanks. I still find it hard to believe that it all played out and actually happened!

dickiebo said...

They could do little else - after you had spent so much time making eyes at the matelots!!! lol.
You'll have to 'follow' the ship now, wherever she goes. (Can't take Mary, I'm afraid. Mary is too peaceful for mixing with such men!)

deb said...

You have no idea how I wanted to stowaway! Just to get down south to warmth!

Weekend was super great. Only two downsides. One, I was totally exhausted by yesterday evening. And, two, my mom lost the necklace that my dad gave to her 35 years ago.
We hunted and we've notified every one where ever possible (including the ship's commander). It was gold with an anchor, a cross and a heart (faith, hope, charity).