Friday, October 03, 2008

Edge of Darkness

Well, a while ago it was in the GDT that yet another movie set was located in Rockport. Seems Mel Gibson had been in town, verrrry early in the morning, to film scenes for an upcoming movie titled "Edge of Darkness". Sounds like a good one, doesn't it? For you Brits out there, it is an adaptation of the 1985 British television mini-series of the same name.

Us locals didn't even know that we should get up before 5:30 a.m. and trek to Cape Hedge Beach (as in my post Surf's Up) to watch the action! Well darn, missed that one.

Sooooooooo, yesterday the gang and I headed out on a few errands and then north on Rte. 95. We got off at the Newburyport exit to head for our final Skip's meal of the season. As we approached the top of the exit ramp, Amanda exclaimed, "Look, they're filming a movie nearby! The signs say EOD". Sure enough, there were the now familiar yellow and black 'arrow' signs with the movie title acronym. Hmmm, same as the title of the movie in Rockport.

The signs were indicating the same direction as we were to turn. Yippeeeeeeeee! Maybe some excitement. As we traveled along Rte. 113 towards West Newbury we saw the ocassional signage for the movie. I knew that very shortly we would be leaving that road to head down and across the Merrimack River at the Rock's Village bridge. We'd most likely miss the action. Bridge Street approached and I got ready to turn. There was another sign! We were still hot on the trail.

Crossing the Merrimack River on the Rock's Village bridge is an adventure in and of itself. It's narrow and old. Although it is made of steel, it has a wooden road. Currently, they are in the process of repairing the road so you travel from new planking to old. Some of the old planking has huge chunks missing and I wonder how much wood is separating me from a plunge into the river. Once the planking is complete, the entire surface will be once more covered with macadam.

Well, I got off track there.

We crossed the Merrimack and I turned on my signal to turn right along the river road. Couldn't do it. They had closed the road for filming! We continued up through Rock's Village to Rte. 110 and made out way the long way around to Skip's. On our return trip we tried to use our customary route along the river. It was well after 5:30 p.m. and we thought, just maybe, they would be finished filming for the day. Not quite, but the white limo was just leaving. We waved at darkened windows (have to have some giggles, you know)!

So watch for the movie, "The Edge of Darkness", and have a good look at some of our well traveled areas!

(The photo that I used here was taken of the Merrimack River, in 1976, from the shores of the Moseley Estate (Maudsleigh), as part of a photo essay that I was completing.)


mary said...

Thank goodness at least someone knows what is going on! Good for you, Deb.

If there ever is something I and my family should be seeing or doing, give us a call. I think our condition over here is called being "out of it". I hate to miss out on things. We did get pictures of the boys in "Sitka" when that movie set took over Dock Square. It was fun.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Any diversion from the "edge of darkness" that is pervading our country is most welcome. Probably time to do some foliage and Russell Farm cider donuts - and maybe bring home one of their apple pies and and. If the country got back on track maybe I wouldn't be so "morbidly obese" (that's the doctor's term - yikes). How's that for the ultimate rationalization. Some people can't eat when they are upset. I, on the other hand, do just the opposite. So . . . off to get a snack!

Peace . . .

deb said...

The four of you seem to get out and about more than we do. I, per the norm, hear about things after the fact. Always left out of the loop. BTW, I do believe your dr. needs his eyes examined.