Friday, October 24, 2008

Some of the Nicest People

Hope restored. There are thoughtful people! Okay, I know that there are plenty of them but sometimes it doesn't hurt to have a personal reminder.

During all the activities of last weekend, my mother lost a necklace that my father had given her 35 years ago. She was very upset about it. It was three, small, gold charms on a delicate gold chain. An anchor, a cross, and a heart. Faith, hope, and charity. She had come down to town to Tuck's when I was working to tell me of the loss. While there she spoke with an officer off the USS John L. Hall telling him that she may have lost it while touring the ship - just in case. Well, he took off his hat, pulled out some notepaper, and using the top of his hat as a writing surface, took her name, phone number and a description of her necklace.

The Hall left our area and headed out for training on it's way back to Mayport, Florida. It arrived in Mayport yesterday and will be there for a few months of repair work.

Today my mother's phone rang. It was the captain from the USS Hall. He was calling to let her know that he had had the crew looking for her necklace during their four day trip south, but they had not found it. How considerate of him to do this! His call meant so much to her. We're going to get the mailing address for the Hall and send a thank you note (along with a couple boxes of taffy!)
We love the officers and crew of the USS John L. Hall.

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