Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sometimes I Hate Where I Am

Not always, but this evening has been extremely frustrating.

A couple months ago, a friend told me that the local parent-teacher group has a holiday fair. The friend thought that I'd be interested in participating. I sure was and I went online to the school site to check out the calendar. It was still the calendar for the last academic year but I did see that the fair, last year, had been held near the end of November. Once school had gotten underway for this year, I checked the site again. I found the date for the fair and also the contact email for the prez of the organization. On September 26, I sent an email to her expressing my interest in renting a table and asked that she send me the info as soon as it was available.

So far nothing from her.

But last night I did receive an email from my friend with some updated information, contact person directly involved with the table rental and phone numbers for both the table rental person and the prez.

This morning I phoned the rental person, AK (just realized that her initials are the abbreviation for the state of Alaska...bad omen). Another bad omen is that she used to be a newspaper customer. One that never paid on time. One that I had canceled for non-payment (4 or more weeks delinquent) several times. Oh well and anyway...I left a message on her machine and she called me back this evening.

There are no tables available. They've all been reserved. There is a waiting list. If I pay the $40 fee immediately, I can reserve spot 6 on the waiting list. Not knowing exactly what to say, I told her I'd have the money to her tomorrow. I hung up.

Then I started thinking. Hey, wait a minute. Number 6? I had contacted the organization nearly a month ago! Maybe I deserved better? So I called the prez to remind her that I had emailed her and basically whatthe___ (but politely, of course). I got her answering machine and left a message explaining and requesting that she call me back. That was at about 5:30 p.m.

She hasn't. Yet.

Sigh. What to do?

First the screwy Firehouse Trust fairs this past summer. On then off then changed. The last one never happened even though it was listed in the events in the newspaper and the sign was in the window of the building.

Yeah, I know we are literally at the end of the line. We're an island. The attitude is that we are different, special. Need I add irresponsible, inconsiderate?

Right now I just sooo hate where I am. (don't worry, I'll get over it)

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deb said...

Just wanted to add something positive. I was expecting 2-3 sets of keys to come in this week. These would be from techs who had said they were sending. Monday a box was at the door. Keys, but not any that were expected. Tuesday, another box of keys not expected (and a big job). Today a call and another unexpected set hand delivered. Tomorrow will be the first of the expected keys arriving (a very big job)! Good thing as I had piles of bills to pay and also my truck to get serviced, inspected, and two new tires (did that today)