Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Ship Has Come In

The USS John L. Hall (FFG-32) is a guided missile frigate. She's now anchored for the weekend in Sandy Bay, Rockport's outer harbor. Here's a photo from the end of Bearskin Neck.This marks the second year that the Rockport Navy Committee (RocNavCom) has brought a ship to the Sandy Bay Harbor of Refuge (as it was once known). The tradition of a navy ship visiting Rockport each year began long ago after plans for Sandy Bay being the home of the United States Atlantic Fleet never panned out. After many decades the visits stopped. And now, thanks to the hard work of the committee and the citizen volunteers of Rockport, the tradition has been renewed.

I told you I would have fun this weekend! Many events are planned for the crewmen and I will be attending and volunteering at some of those. It will be busy at the end of T-Wharf with the whale-watch boat the "Privateer" transporting groups of sailors, veterans, and the public back and forth to the ship.Here's a picture (below) of the "Privateer"(pictured above) as it approaches the USS John L. Hall. Gives you some idea of the size of the Hall.

Take a look at the RocNavCom website link above to see what will be going on. Check back here for some pictures and news over the weekend. Tonight is a welcoming party for the officers from the Hall, Rockport town officials, and RocNavCom.


dickiebo said...

Oh very nice! So we've got to spend all weekend worrying about you and hundreds of SAILORS!!!! Volunteering? Not exactly getting dragged into it! I don't know. I just don't know! I may very well have to ask Mary to keep an eye, here.

deb said...


mary said...

Not to worry, Dickiebo. I have her on my "radar screen"! She wouldn't do anything I wouldn't do.

On second thought, who's going to keep an eye on me keeping an eye on her?