Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's In The Numbers

One - the molar that I had repaired this morning. The dentist did a bonding on it. It cost more than I'd like but had to be done. I had cracked off about one fourth of it just over a month ago.

Two - the number of trips I had to make to ship one set of keys. I ran to the shipper's on Monday morning before I going to work at Tuck's. Things were not going well there. The computers were giving error messages and then freezing up. The keys needed to get on their way, so I left the box there with approximate payment. This morning I had to go back to make sure all was well, get my receipt, and pay the balance due.

Three - the number of days that required setting my alarm clock this week. I hate the alarm waking me up. Okay, it doesn't actually. I wake up on my own, far too early, in anticipation of the alarm going off. That's just totally annoying.

Four - times that I played the first two pieces on the "No Boundaries" CD (the 5 Browns) while I was working on a set of keys today. Of course that was Gerswhin's "Rhapsody in Blue" and a malaguena that I can't remember the specifics of!

Five - the nickel I found on the sidewalk in town. Add that to the quarter of last week and I'll never be rich!

Six - not a good omen for my ex. It was his 66th birthday on Monday the 6th. Hmmm, 666. But then, I'm not superstitious.

Seven - add 'teen' to that and it was the number of emails waiting for me, at my primary address, after work on Monday.

Eight - dollars that were in my wallet this afternoon. You notice that I said 'were'. Fortunately there was a five there, as well, as I needed to buy milk and potatoes when I picked 'A' up from work. Must go to the bank tomorrow.

Nine - while I was working on Monday, this many tour buses arrived in town. This was no fun considering that I was manning the store by myself. You try keeping nine tour buses of senior citizens happy. They all wait to the last minutes before their buses leave to come in and buy candy! Thankfully, the buses were staggered over about 3 hours.

Ten - the cost of a splurge this morning. I went to the Town Hall with my mom. While she was asking about a refund on her excise tax, I bought THE NOSY BOOK!Now this is a really cool book put out by the town. It lists every household member by address. It gives each person's name, birth year, occupation, and whether they are a registered voter. It comes in handy when the 'fire' horn sounds and you turn on the police scanner to catch the address. With this handy little book you can find out who is in trouble...or who merely burned dinner. Something that has been deleted from this issue of the book is the notation of each person's political affiliation. I think it's deserving of it's unofficial name.

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